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The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance

The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance
Affiliated Martial Art Schools
teaching the art of  Kuk·Sool

Map showing Countries with Members of
the Kuk·Sool Global Alliance

Map showing Countries
with Members of the
Kuk·Sool Global Alliance

Interactive aspects of the map below may be limited depending on the device used to access this webpage. But LINKS appearing below the map work with ALL devices and will take you to the designated portion of our List of Members page.

ClickTap on the map below to see if there is a school near you.

Map of the World

Currently, there are eight countries with members that are located outside the USA.

Argentina Brazil Canada Ecuador
Egypt Paraguay Portugal United Kingdom

The form above is for schools located in the United States only. If located outside the USA, please use our alternate enrollment form by clicking ontapping the globe directly below (you shouldn't be able to see North America on it).

Take charge of your martial art business and build a better future that you can depend on!

To enroll in the alliance, clicktap on the globe to the right.

To enroll in the alliance, clicktap here or on the globe to the right.


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